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People come from miles around for these specials:

**Dean Vendetta. Black. Floyd Locking tremolo. Case extra. $199
**Spear Gladius dble-cut electric, Hum-Hum, w/bag, Like New! $199
**American Showster S/S, S-S-Hum, w/bag, $399
**Xaviere L.P. style, Flame Maple Burst top, w/ Floyd Rose trem, arch-top hardshell! $199
**Fender Contemporary Strat (1985-86), S-S-H, w/Fender molded rect. hardshell, $399
**Ibanez RX-20, double-hum, w/factory bag, like new!! $119
**Yamaha G55A classical w/chipboard case, Mid '80's, $130
**DeArmond M-65, single cut, dble hum, $100
**Jackson Dinky, dble-cut, hum-hum, w/floyd, gig-bag, $349
**MJT Musikraft Strat, Distressed alder body, AAA Flame Roasted Maple neck, rswd fretboard, Custom hand-wound pickups, $599
**Dillion Jazzmaker 175 copy archtop, dble hum, w/hardshell, $599
**Godin A6 Ultra, steel string, w/piezo and magnetic p/ups, original bag, $399
**Fender USA Jazz Bass 2009, factory preamp, Fender Samarium Cobalt noiseless p/ups, Factory Hardshell, $999
**Cort GB5 Custom, 5-str bass, spalt top, no case, like new! $549
**Gibson Les Paul Studio, w/factory bag, $699
**Parker P-42, dble hum, w/bag, $299

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**Ashdown PI-240 bass head, D-class, 240w/4 ohms, w/bag and speakon cable, $249
**Crate FXT-65, 12" combo/effects, w/ 3-way footswitch, $120
**Tech 21 Trademark 30 combo, like freaking new! $199
**Ampeg SVT Classic, all tube 300w head, ex. cond. $960
**Acoustic Image Contra combo, down-fire speaker, perfect for upright! $499
**Peavey DataBass 15" combo, 400 freaking watts w/Black Widow 15" , $199
**Crate Blackheart Little Giant 5 gtr head, 5 watts, all tube, $199
**Quilter 101 Mini Head, 50 watts, like new with box and manuals, $249
**Marshall DSL 15H head with footswitch and manual, MINT! $399
**Fender Ultimate Chorus 2x12" 100w combo, $199
**Naylor Super-Drive 60 head, Eastpoint, MI, serial #00002!  $1999
**Fender BassBreaker 10" guitar combo, like new! $299

**Electro-Voice B-115 15" bass cab with castors, EVM loaded, all original, $149
**Crate 410HT, 4x10" bass cab, 200 watts, 8 ohms, $199
**Traynor YSX-12 speaker cab, Celestion 70/80, 80 watt, 8 ohm, like new! $199
**Ampeg SVT-410HE, 4x10" cab, $150
**Crate 4x10" bass cab, 8 ohm, $199
**Gallien-Krueger Neo 212 bass cab, 8 ohm, re-loaded w/ Eminence Delta 12b speakers, 600 watt, $199

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**Audio-Centron CM-15H wedge monitor, 15"x horn, 230 w, $119
**Mackie 16-8 mixer, w/pwr supply and stand, direct outs, great for recording or live! $499 That's a steal!!
**Yamaha MG166CX-USB, 16-ch console, 10 mis pre's, 4-buss, like new! $220
**Carver PM-1200 stereo pwr-amp, 600w/side/4 ohms, $199
**(pair) Electro-Voice S-200 12" 2-way cabinets, 300 w, with tripods! $229 pr

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**Proco PM48 patchbay, 24 ch's, switchable normal, half-normal, open, parallel, $39
**Alesis Monitor One (pair) reference monitors, $79pr
**Behringer PowerPlay Pro 4-ch headphone amp, $49

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**Pearl 6-piece, snare w/bag, 4 toms, Pearl Hi-Hat stand, Tama kick pedal, 2 tom mount/cymbal stand combos, great! $325
**Ludwig Accent CS Custom piccolo snare,(13x4), maple shell, $129
**Tama Iron Cobra double bass kick pedal, with case, like brand new!! $199

**Zildjian ZBT 20" ride, $79
**Zildjian ZBT 18" china, $69
**Zildjian K 18" Custom Ride, $150
**Sabian B8 20" ride, $69

**Gemeinhardt 2SP flute, silver plate, ex. cond! $149

**Armstrong 104 flute, silver plate, very good condition, $149

**Artley 18-0 clarinet, ex. cond, $99
**Conn 21M Alto Sax , ex cond! $299

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