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People come from miles around for these specials:
**G&L Legacy USA, Surf Green, white p/g, factory hardshell case, ex condition, $799
**Heritage H-575, 2011, arch-top, all solid wood maple,  factory Duncans '59 p/ups, factory hardshell, ex cond! $1499
**Ibanez ArtCore AFS-75T arch-top, with bigsby, hardshell, $249
**Custom build Strat, Fender Mexi body, custom paint, Hill Miere custom walnut neck w/Tigerwood fretboard, w/gigbag, $599 Very nice piece!
**Dean Evo, single cut, set neck, (LP style) Hum-Hum, all blacked out, super clean! w/factory hardshell, $249
**Samick HF-650 archtop, Hum-hum, 5-ply binding neck and body, Fantastic neck! Circa early 90's, with bag, $349 This is a steal!
**Cort Curbow 6-string bass, w/hardshell, $279
**Azola BugBass, solid body upright, with bag, active electronics, $1399
**Student model 1/2 size upright, excellent condition! Laminate w/bag and bow, $599
**Traveler Electric, with bag and kneee rest, MINT! $225

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**Roland BluesCube Stage, 60w, 12", w/custom cover, $399
**Crate G-60XL, 60w combo, Celestion G-12m-70, $99
**Line 6 Vetta II combo, 2x12", $299
**Fender Vibro-Champ XD, 8", 5 watt combo, Mint, w/manual, $229
**VHT Special 6 Ultra combo, 6 watts, 12", Very Cool amp! $199
**Ampeg B-50R reissue, 50 w, 15" combo, USA model, $299

**Traynor YSX-12 guitar speaker cab, Celestion 70/80, 80 watt, 8 ohm, like new! $199
**no-name 12" cab, Eminence 12", $129
**Westbury 15" guitar cab, early '80's, stupid clean!!  $69

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**Yamaha MG166CX-USB, 16-ch console, 10 mis pre's, 4-buss, ch's 4 and 5 dead, otherwise MINT! $150
**(2) JBL 4691B 15" 2-ways, 200w, like freaking new! $299 pr

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**Zoom Handy Recorder, Like new case and manual, $149

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**Ludwig Accent CS Custom piccolo snare,(13x4), maple shell, $129
**Yamaha chrome snare, 14x6, with bag, $129

**Zildjian ZBT 20" ride, $79
**Zildjian ZBT 18" china, $69


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